Understand Unsecured Small Business Loans

As the population has grown and banks have consolidated the face of business lending has changed as well. When there were several small banks getting a loan was a much more personal experience. Typically the loan officer would Project Finance Modelling Course know you personally or at least would be from the local area. You could sit down and explain your personal circumstances, and the decisions were very case by case. Fast forward to 2011 and the situation is very different.
Most large banks tend to deal with larger loans for big business, and when they do offer loans to small business they are offered under very strict guidelines. So what if your small business doesn’t have any backing collateral, credit, etc. to get a traditional bank loan? What if you are in need of unsecured small business loans?
There are really two answers. If you want loans from the bank this is still typically possible under special programs designed for this purpose. The Small Business Administration or SBA is a government run organization that creates loan programs designed specifically for small businesses such as your own. If you need an unsecured loan it may be a very good idea to contact the SBA to see if they can assist you in getting funding from a bank. They can also offer you consultation on preparing your business plan and other business needs.
These special programs take into account the circumstances that most new or businesses are in. The SBA was established in 1953 to deal with the new lending climate Earn Cents Online of the day, and provide loans to these businesses that were in need of funding, but perhaps didn’t meet the tightening guidelines of the large corporate banks.
The other route to get unsecured small business loans is through private lenders. There are investment firms which specialize in providing loans and venture capital to small businesses within their scope of expertise. So for example if you are starting a restaurant franchise and need the upfront capital to begin, there are businesses that exist to help you do that. In fact, often in the case of a franchise the business that provides the franchise setup will have a 3rd party lender which they go through to help you pay the required fees and start up costs. Loans of this type tend to have slightly higher interest, but have the advantage that their requirements are closer to those of venture capitalists than a bank.

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