The Purse of Marriage

You may be surprised to know that most studies on the subject will list the leading cause of divorce as connected to financial woes or tensions. We often want to put the blame elsewhere, but the root cause of most unhappy marriages stems from money-related issues that may even grow into other areas. Marriages that are purposeful, have passion, share common interests and hobbies, and whose marriage partners focus their energies in building up the other spouse can still be stretched to the breaking point if there is not a cohesiveness to their financial plan. Having said that, the key factor is planning. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or a little bit of money – every marriage needs to have a plan for the money “purse,” or the marriage will be at risk.
I am not a financial planner, but I have been on the side of having no plan before. It isn’t pleasant. Women will relate to this, and men can think “wallet” to some extent, but imagine a woman without a purse. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Women use their purses for keeping their most necessary items at all times. If you ask any woman around you right now what she is carrying in her purse, then you will likely get a fairly detailed list of things that might not Financial Plan For Business Plan Pdf seem to go together or even appear to fit into the bag she carries, but nonetheless, the purse has been carefully packed to carry these needed items. Chances are the woman has specific pockets and can tell you which side of the purse, or which pocket something is in, too. And if she has to change purses for a specific event, say to a much smaller purse, a woman has to carefully decide which items she can do without for a short time. It’s not an easy decision.
Not having a financial plan is like not having a purse for a woman. There is no provision for which “pocket” something will be taken from, where to find help when you need it, or which need will be covered and which will have to go unmet. No matter the size of the purse, or the budget in this case, a purse allows for needs to be met. Even men can understand the need for a purse. While they don’t carry the same amount of items in their wallet that a women would in her purse, if they are married, they probably rely on their wives to have the things in their purses that they might need!
Many financial planning courses use tools to help you plan for your money management, and a personal favorite of mine is the envelope system. This is nothing new, but Dave Ramsey, creator of Financial Peace University has an excellent program on money management. But, it all boils down to the collective “purse” in a marriage. How are you setting up your pockets? What are you carrying in yours? Do you need a pocket for this or that expense? As a married couple, you need to know the items that you value enough to spend your money on, and having a plan takes the pressure and strain out of the value system.
Essentially, that is the benefit of a financial plan – the creation of a value system that is unique to your marriage. In a marriage, having a collective marriage “purse” or plan for your money, allows the couple Secured Loan Bad Credit Direct Lender to determine the values that they are willing to spend money on, and even those that they are willing to work towards. Together. It requires the couple to talk about money, something which many couples don’t do.
Keeping this conversation going throughout the marriage will also strengthen the marriage. Both partners will have an opportunity to direct their financial future, rather than leaving home “without the purse” and leaving one persons needs unmet. So, my married friends, pack your purse and be sure to plan for your needs together.

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