The Hour A Day Entrepreneur by Henry J. Evans

I picked up “The Hour A Day Entrepreneur: Escape the Rat Race and Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom With Only One Focused Hour A Day” by Henry J. Evans after reading quite a few positive reviews and endorsements of the book. (Evans did a great job of getting people to endorse his book – there’s a lesson in there too.) I’m going to add my positive review to the list, because I did enjoy the book and found it to have some good advice for the would be entrepreneur or the already entrepreneur who needs a little boost of encouragement. It’s a fairly quick read, but implementing the strategies Evans shares will take a bit longer. But as they say, there’s no better time to start.
Evans admits that he spends more than an hour a day on his businesses today, but the title comes from when he was still working at another job and he used one focused hour each day to grow his entrepreneurial business to the level where he could quit his other Merriam Webster Financial Dictionary job and live the life of freedom he desired. Part of this book, like others in the genre, is a personal story of how he did it, why he likes it, and why you should chose this kind of freedom too. (He does a good job at this and the book is motivating.)
Evans also shares that he is a marketing student of Dan Kennedy’s and it shows. The book does promote Evans and some of his other businesses, just as Kennedy’s do. However, Importance Of Personal Financial Management that does not negate the good lessons contained within the chapters or the motivating advice that if acted upon would help any small business owner or start-up.
I think the biggest thing readers will get from this book is the sense of urgency that now is the time to start and get busy planning and acting on your future. Don’t wait. As Evans says, “The Clock Is Running.” Readers will also learn some basics in regards to marketing. (He shares Dan Kennedy’s marketing triangle.) While it is not the be all and end all to marketing, what it does do is get you thinking like a marketer. And that is important. There are also some very good time management tips contained within these pages. The key is to actually implement them into your daily schedule to start producing more in the time you have, and to outsource things to leverage your time.
Evans also encourages master mind groups, which he runs several and is involved with the GKIC Mastermind groups. I have no doubt that these groups have helped many people, and they may be something that could help you. Read Evans argument for them, and decide if that is what you need for you and your business.
Over all, this is a quick motivating read with some very good and practical ideas. If you act upon the strategies Evans shares, you will undoubtedly increase your productivity and be on the way toward the freedom you desire. However, no book can take you there. You must do the work! So use the book, and many others, and work toward your own success.

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