Students and Single Moms Receive Financial Aid to Return to School – 3 Steps

There are many ways that we can look at the state of our economy right now. We can look at it as a blessing. It has created a multitude of jobs and funding options for many people. We can look at it as a curse especially if we have recently lost her job. There is a third way to look at this. It is a time of opportunity. Here are three steps you can take if you are a student going to college or a single mom returning to school that will help you gain as much financial it is possible in the shortest amount of time.
The first step that you need to take is getting your finances in order. Most of us are not independently wealthy. We require financing to do many things. If we own a house or a car, typically we are paying a monthly payment because we did not have the spare $10,000 or hundred thousand dollars necessary to get our own car or home, respectively.
Therefore, each month we make payments and these payments reflect whether or not we are a good risk for financial aid. There are many types of financial aid. We may get a student loan for school. We may qualify for certain government grants such as the Pell Grant which offers up to $10,000 a year for our education.
The newest twist to all this is this emphasis from the Obama administration on single moms returning to school. Although this was more of an off handed comment than an actual bill passed into law, this desire by the president to help single mothers earn college degrees is real.
However, this funding is not limited to single moms. It is actually available to everyone that actually wants to go back to school. This means that students right out of high school, people working full-time jobs, and even single dads have the ability to apply for this government funding.
Therefore, to ensure that you get it, the first step you need to take is to get all of your financial paperwork ready. You will need this to reference as you begin the application process. This has nothing to do with school per se. Applying for a college or university that you want to attend is a different application process.
You will need to have your Social Security number, your drivers license, pay stubs from your job, a list of any assets that you may have, and your previous income tax statement. All of this information will be required when filling out the paperwork for your financial application.
The second step is to, you may have guessed it; fill out your financial application. It is called the FAFSA. This free application for Federal student aid is available on the Internet. You can request it by mail, but it is infinitely faster to go to the main website and begin the application process.
The FAFSA website is actually very user-friendly. There is a nice sidebar on the left that guides you through each step of the process. It instructs you on what you need to have ready prior to filling out the forms. It gives you an overview of the entire process as well.
Once you’re ready, you simply click on the link to fill out the FAFSA form and you’re ready to go. Ensure that you have an uninterrupted 45 minutes Money Management Tips to an hour to fill this form out. You can save your work along the way so don’t worry about timeouts that will erase which you have already done.
The third step is actually very important. You will be asked to get a PIN number. Now I can tell you from personal experience that if you do not have this number, they can make your life very miserable. You must apply for it and then make sure you do not lose it.
My PIN number was actually four digits the first time that I got one. I am not sure if that have to do with the last four I Need Cash Now digits of my social security number but without this you cannot sign in complete the FAFSA financial aid application.
Moreover, if you want to check on the status of how the application is going and whether or not you have been approved, you cannot login unless you have this number.
So in summary, you need to do three things if you want to get financial aid for school. It does not matter if you take out a student loan. You can also, if you qualify gets the Pell Grant. It just depends on your income. But none of this will be possible if you do not do these three steps. Here they are again:
First, have your financial information ready. This will be necessary when you are filling out your financial aid forms. Second, you need to fill out the FAFSA which is available online. Third, you need to get a PIN number. This will allow you to complete the application and also check on its status on the Internet.
So whether you are a struggling male college student looking for a way to pay for next semester, weren’t overstressed single mother working a couple part-time jobs wanting to improve their educational and financial situation, following these three steps lead you closer to having the financial ability to go back to college and earn your college degree.

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