Still Putting Money In Your 401K? Are You Crazy?

Same as it ever was. All the same players, running their commercials, trying to convince you that they care about you and your money. That they are the company you can trust with your money. If you buy into that program again, you deserve what you are going to get. Let me tell you something, all of them were in on the mortgage meltdown. In one way or another. And they all knew what was going to happen. But they kept collecting their fees, commissions, and charges, didn’t they? All the way up to the end. And then they got more of your money through the bailout. And don’t talk me about they couldn’t be allowed to fail. The only thing they were all doing is trying to save their own behinds as usual. As well as get a few million for the road.
If you don’t realize what is happening, you are in for major shock. Printing more money is not going to help the situation. China is not going to be buying our debt much longer, not when we can’t even make interest payments. Who do you think is going to foot the bill? I’ll give you a hint, stash your cash in a safe deposit box, not the bank.
It’s time to realize that you’re on your own when it comes to your money and to your retirement. Do you really think that the truly wealthy people invest in those hedge funds that you invest in through your 401K? The truly wealthy wouldn’t touch those dogs. They know that those funds are dogs. The financial firms know that too. They also know that you don’t. And they sell them to you anyway. And you roll merrily along, trusting these crooks. Think about it. I was guilty of listening to them too.
So, here are your options. Start studying, do your homework, start investing on your own. The problem there is that your investing strategy is more than likely going to be the same as all the rest of the herd. The Payday Loans Benefits problem is that most of us have never been taught what money really is, how money really works. How we are put together everyday by the money managers. And besides, who has the time to be a full time investor.
Your other option is to associate with wealthy people. And how would you do that? Good question. I’ll tell you this, the truly wealthy aren’t sitting around talking about the latest investment fad. They have already made their money on the latest, greatest thing and have moved on. Leaving the rest of us to fight over the scraps. When the Internet bubble burst, the truly wealthy had already taken their profits and were on to something else. Right now, the price of gold and silver is skyrocketing and will continue to do so. Why? Because the wealthy are buying it up. They know that the dollar is going to be worthless, or close to it, very soon. There are those who predict that an ounce of gold will be $56,000.00 within 24-36 months. And silver? $936.00 an ounce. And when the precious metals bubble bursts, which it will because bubbles always burst, the wealthy will already be out of the market, with nothing but profits. They will already be invested in the next big thing, while the herd is buying precious metals as the bubble readies to burst.
Here’s the thing. The wealthy are never going to write books about how they invest. Whether for personal or selfish reasons, it’s just not something that is going to happen. The investment strategies that they implement are only spoken of amongst themselves. These are things that are talked about at cocktail parties and private dinners. Problem is, you’re probably not going to get invited to any of those dinners.
Here’s a strategy that I just recently heard of. It’s a strategy that was used by William A.R. Burden, the great grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, to save the family fortune with a very simple, straightforward move.
Here is the simple version. Did you know that if you plan correctly, there is a way that you can buy a car and at the end of the day, end up with both the cost of the car, plus interest? On your balance sheet? Now, imagine using the same strategy on larger items, such as real estate. This is just one of the many strategies that the wealthy use to build, grow and protect their assets. You know where I learned about it? From a friend in a direct sales business that I am involved with.
You’ll never hear about these types of investment vehicles from your financial planner. Why? Because they probably don’t even know about it. Financial planners are going to sell you what makes them the most money, not what may be best for you. Financial planners, by the way, most of the time are not earning more than you are. Why would you listen to a so called investment expert who is not a multi millionaire?
There is an advertisement currently running by a very well known Wall Street “investment” 900 Payday Loan firm. A couple is chatting via the Internet. The conversation goes something like this:
Wife: “Do you remember that we used to talk about when we were going to retire? Now it’s if we’re going to be able to retire?”
Husband: “Yes, I do.”
Wife: “How are we going to get from “if” to “when” again?”
And then this ad goes on to extol the virtues of this particular company. Amazing. These are the same people that devastated your portfolio in the first place, and now they want more of your money? Incredible. As the saying goes, ” Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me.”
It’s your choice, quite obviously, as to what you do with your money. As for me, you can take you 401K , I won’t say it. I’m on my own, I am out. I know I can do better than -40%. I believe, no make that I know that I am better served putting my money into a small business, home business or part time business because now my money is under my control, no one else’s. Not to mention tax breaks, etc. But also, I am associated with people who are already where I want to be. Remember when I said that wealthy people don’t write books about how they invest and protect their money? That doesn’t mean they are not willing to share these strategies with you, because they are. You just have to associate with them. Which is how you get invited to the aforementioned cocktail parties and private dinners.
Have to go, dinner is being served. Will you be at the table?
To your success.

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