Scholarships For North Dakota Students

Believe it or not, North Dakota has the most millionaires per square mile than any other state in the country. This is because of its extremely low population combined with its number Pay Off Loan Early To Avoid Interest of highly successful farm, oil and related heavy industries. So while the state doesn’t have that many universities, each one is chock full of scholarships and college endowments.
The basic scholarship is the Scholars Program. Each year, it selects 55-60 high school graduates and pays their entire tuition. They are required to attend an in-state school. It doesn’t matter if it’s public, private or tribal. To qualify, local students must graduate from their school with a 3.5 cumulative average and then maintain a 3.0 while attending.
The state also supplies two other scholarships for its young citizens. They are the Academic Scholarships and the Career & Technical Education Scholarships (or NDCTE). Both offer $750 a semester for eight semesters (totally $6,000). Students must also graduate from high school and maintain a 2.75 cumulative average while in college. What differentiates the two is the Academic Scholarship is awarded if the applicant scores a 24 or higher on the ACT. The NDCTE is given to students who score three 5s on the WorkKeys exam. You either win one or the other, not both.
A national program that North Dakota participates in is the Robert C. Byrd scholarship. Each state has different eligibility criteria. To qualify for this state’s version, a student must score at least a 30 on the ACT. He/she must also have a proven record of leadership, community service or related activities. For the student’s effort, the Byrd awards him/her $1,500 a year.
NASA also has an incredible program for STEM-related careers inside the state. It’s North Dakota Space Grant Consortium Scholarships offers nine different scholarships, fellowships and internships offering anywhere from $2,500 to $4,500 per semester. Naturally, the Consortium is particularly interested those studying aeronautics and related sciences.
Another national program the state participates in is the Past President’s Parley Nurses’ Scholarship. Administered through the American Legion, it awards $350 to nursing students who are related to an active or past Legion member.
From there, many students look at the Percy G. Wilson Scholarships. Each year, it awards ten students $1,000 each, with preference being given to residence of Wilson’s native Barnes County first. They again must provide their academic transcripts as well as financial need. From there, Basics Of Financial Management Book the Treacy Company has its own general scholarship to students living in North Dakota, Idaho and Montana. It has been noted to give anywhere from $500 to $1,000 to high school graduates who have proven records of community leadership and service along with high academic grades.

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