Scholarship Success – It’s An Ongoing Search

Receiving a scholarship is a great accomplishment for any student and is a direct reduction in the out-of-pocket cost of a college education. So why do students fail to apply for and receive more scholarship money? The main reason is that most students believe that scholarships are only available for high school seniors. So they may try during their high school years and never apply again. This mistake can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars over a four-year education.
Scholarships remain a great source of college savings. But most students have unrealistic expectations about getting a full scholarship that will pay for all of their college expenses. While these may be available for the stellar athlete, musical or academic genius, the reality is that most average or above average students will not get a full ride to college.
But don’t let that stop you from trying. The majority of scholarships that are offered are for $1,000 or less. And there are plenty of those out there. Students with realistic expectation know that if Valuation Of A Company they apply for one scholarship, their chances are limited that they will be selected. But if you apply for 100 different scholarships, your chances are pretty good that you may be awarded one or more.
So look for smaller scholarships that you are eligible for and apply for as many as you can. These will usually have an easier application process and should take substantially less time to complete the requirements.
Always pay close attention to details. Never submit an incomplete application or fail to include letters of recommendation if they are requested. This is a sure-fire way to have your application rejected and dismissed by the selection committee.
As a selection committee member for a local scholarship fund, every year we see a couple a nicely qualified candidates that have failed to sign the application, or attach the required recommendation letters. Unfortunately we have to reject their application as incomplete.
Also be sure to apply before the filing deadline. Most scholarship committees have a set deadline for applications and it is well publicized. Get them in as early as possible. Even months early is acceptable. But remember, if you are as little as one day late, many selection committees may not even consider your application.
Please keep in mind that the scholarship process is not exclusively for high school seniors or college freshman. Many scholarships are available to early Real Ways To Make Money From Home high school students as well as college second, third and forth year students. But if you do not apply… you are guaranteed not to be selected.
Scholarship success can be a numbers game. The more applications that you submit, the more chances you have to win. So take a small amount of time each week to research new scholarships and try to apply for one every week or every couple of weeks.
It should take no more than an hour a week and if you get just one $500 scholarship per year that is nearly $10 per hour for your time. This is a pretty good return on investment for your time and if you get an extra 20 to 25 applications submitted, your chances for success go way up. Plus the application process will get a lot easier the more you do.
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