Repair And Rectify Bad Credit Issues In Credit Bureaus

Have you tried to apply for either a credit card, home loan, auto loan, personal loan, mortgage loan or other credit facility from any bank or financial institution only to learn that the same has been declined due to past bad performance or inadequate credit score as captured by the assigned Credit Bureau, currently Cibil & Equifax in India? Many of us would have faced this most embarrassing;and frustrating situation at some point of time due to past bad performance in any of the credit relationships held across all financial institutions arising from either late payments, non payment, settlements done etc.
The situation could have arisen due to gross inadequate information or knowledge available in the public domain of the possible repercussions and hightened possibly by the “Who Cares” attitude and lack of credit servicing discipline by most people affected including people in the financial sector.
The problem got aggravated manifold by banks and lending institutions in their mad rush to create a portfolio and falling almost Head over Heels to lend to customers without having a proper and effective external credit check and filteration process due to which many customers who had defaulted or had a bad credit history in one could easily get fresh credit facility from another. Another compounding factor could be the flawed lending policy by most lending institution with products launched to capture “Quantity” and not “Quality”.
Coming back to the question asked at the outset. How does or what does one do to repair or rectify bad credit history and avail fresh credit facilities at best terms?
Help is just around the corner for anybody who might have inadvertently spoiled or marred their credit record and who genuinely would want to resolve their problem.
An enterprising group of entrepreneurs from the financial sector in India having first hand and very close experience about the problem under discussion are offering a solution for the Financial Strategy Types very first time in a very professional and organised manner which could offer succor to many afflicted person through their Credit Help Improvement company launched for the purpose.
They approach the problem in a Holistic manner and offer a handheld guided program by trained professional counselors which if followed in Toto promises to resolve the issues over a period of time. One could check improvements and their current credit history in a simplified manner through reports generated from the Credit Bureau’s assigned with the task of collating and formatting the data forwarded by various financial institutions periodically every 3 months. Their underlined philosophy being that Good Credit Health is similar to Good Physical and Mental Health and just like a good mental and physical wellness requires a disciplined and dedicated approach to enjoy life to its fullest so does Good Credit Health require a disciplined approach in the repayment of credit facilities availed, to take advantage of higher credit at better terms in future.
There is of course the mandatory fees to be paid upfront one time and valid over a period of 12 months. Discover Financial Education However, it would be a small price to pay for attaining a good credit rating and mental peace.

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