Poor Credit Rating Loans – The 3 Questions You Must Ask a Lender to Avoid Getting Deeper Into Debt

Since the official global recession started, money has become tight for so many of us. You still have to earn an income, pay your bills and put food on the table. However, due to the recession many people have struggled to cope. This in turn leads to late or missed payments on your bills and eventually you may even find yourself with a bad credit rating. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop the need for money and forces so many people into looking for poor credit rating loans.
Although a poor credit rating loan may be the answer to all your problems, Questions Asked When Applying For A Loan there are certain pitfalls you should always look out for:-
1) Whenever you approach a lender for a loan and have bad credit, the first thing you should ask is the interest rate you will be charged. It’s all well and good obtaining a loan, but this will be of little comfort if it puts you further into debt. Often lenders who supply poor credit rating loans will charge a ridiculous interest rate. I have seen many cases where people have been charged anywhere from 100%-1000% per year. At 1000% you will have to pay back 10 times the amount your borrowed per YEAR!
2) Are there any up front fees and further charges. Having bad credit will usually mean that a lender will view you as a high risk. They believe because you have defaulted or missed payments before, you are Basics Of Financial Management Ppt likely to do it again. When looking through a loan agreement, make sure you ask about every fee involved. Once again, there is no point in taking out a loan if it puts you into more financial trouble.
3) Due to your financial circumstances, a lender may offer you a poor credit rating loan, but will ask to secure the loan against your property. Tread very carefully here. The last thing you need is to lose the roof over your head just to get yourself out of your current sticky situation. As i have mentioned above, make sure you know the all the interest rates and fees involved. Find out your exact monthly payment and whether or not this is fixed for the term of the loan. Once you have all the facts to hand, then you can make your decision!

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