Perfect Home Projects For Fall

You may not want to hear this, but fall is on its way. Maybe you’ve noticed that stores are already stocking their shelves with back-to-school gear, and you might be thinking it’s too late to start that deck you were going to build.
Our advice? Relax, sit back with a glass of lemonade and we’ll give you a few reasons why it’s okay to enjoy your midsummer days and nights for a while longer.
First off, since fall is generally a slower season for many contractors, there’s a chance you can save time and money by waiting to take on bigger projects until then. Spring and midsummer are typically the busiest times for contractors. If you wait until the rush is over, you’ll avoid becoming part of the backlog on a construction crew’s tight schedule. And you might be able to get a better deal on pricing.
Spend less green on the green
Those plants, shrubs and trees that were full price at your local garden center this past spring are now starting to sprout “reduced” price tags. In fact, midsummer to fall is a great time to revisit your yard’s Business Loan Application Template landscaping and an optimal time to plant flowering trees, perennials and bulbs. And as summer winds down, nurseries will want to move inventory. You might find great trees at half their spring price.
Second only to repainting, adding and maintaining new trees and shrubs upgrades the appearance (and value) of your home. You still have plenty of time to make healthy additions to your landscaping – providing privacy, coverage for your home’s minor imperfections and increased shade for next summer.
Plant flowers in the fall the right way
Too often, homeowners plant flowering bulbs in the fall, only to have them be “no shows” in the spring. It’s likely that your neighborhood squirrels are waiting to add your new bulbs to their winter food supply. After planning bulbs this fall, add a layer of chicken wire over the surface area and secure into the ground with garden or small tent stakes. Remember to remove the chicken wire in the spring when you start to see small shoots coming through the ground.
Stay outside. Stay outside Licensed Financial Advisor Salary as long as you can.
If you like to enjoy the great outdoors for as long as possible during the year start planning your strategy now. If that first nip of cold air sends you running indoors, consider shopping now for an outdoor fireplace or chimenea for your patio. If your idea of outdoor fun is turning up the heat of some steaks, you’ll probably find the prices dropping on grills, smokers and barbecues very soon. Many people are able to keep their grill fires burning long into fall and winter.
These are a few ways to heat up your outdoor end-of-summer projects. Refinancing with today’s record low mortgage rates could be a great resource for funding the bigger stuff.

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