Make Use of Remortgages and Secured Loans For Debt Consolidation

Off and on in life most people suffer sleepless nights because of debt worries.
You now understand that your money worries are a result of having too many credit card debts, etc.
The personal loan taken out to refit your kitchen had an interest rate of 14% which although not exactly low is certainly better than the rate of 25% offered by the home improvement have to pay A�300 each month.
Then there is also the credit card with the limit of 5,000 and the balance of A�4,995. You went on a luxury break abroad and practically maxed the credit card and that costs A�150 per month.
Then there is the matter of the other credit cards with balances totalling almost 40,000 and the minimum that you must pay each month is 3% of the balances which comes to a whopping A�1,200.
You are now even sorry that you liked your neighbour’s new luxury car that you felt compelled to buy one for yourself.
You too bought a Mercedes CLK convertible with a loan The car cost 40,000 Quick Financial Tips and after the trade in you have loan costing A�700 every month.
It is only too easy to take on more credit cards,loans and hire purchase than you can comfortably afford, as you are constantly surrounded by objects that are simply too Finance Another Name appealing to resist, but one day you waken up to the fact that these things have been bought at too high a price and mainly at the expense of your own peace of mind.
If you own your own home there is something that you can do to cut down on all these expensive monthly outgoings, and that is by arranging debt consolidation which combines all the high interest loans and credit cards into the one lower interest monthly payment.
Remortgages and secured loans are both good ways of arranging debt consolidation.
Both secured loans and remortgages are secured on the equity in a property and equity is the difference between what the home is worth and the outstanding mortgage balance.
Remortgages start with interest rates of 1.The interest rates for secured loans are currently from 9% and 1.84% for remortgages. and 14% for the loan for the kitchen they are astonishingly low.
When debt consolidation is arranged by means of a remortgage or a secured loan it means that these are actually debt consolidation loans.
Both will save hundreds of pounds each month and help you to reclaim your peace of mind and to sleep better once the remortgage or secured loan is in place.

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