It’s Not Stealing, I Was Only BROWSING for Ideas

One of my favorite past times is to go to model homes and looks at how they stage the homes. I am sure that a lot of people do it; they just don’t realize that what they are looking at is called “staging”. But they like to go and see what the model home looks like, how someone has placed the furniture, decorated the kitchen, see the uncluttered living room, the nice smells coming from the whole house. It is lovely, and then we think, wouldn’t it be nice if my house looked like that, that’s when reality sets in for me at least and I remind myself that I have a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old at home. Most often my house looks like a toy bomb went off in it and instead of the Clean Linen candle smell, the model home smelled like, mine smells like a mixture of crayons and syrup. YUM!
Well, here is the beauty of a Real Estate Investor. All though MY HOME may not look like that, my investment home can. All it takes is a little magic and PRESTO! A beautifully staged home that will do twofold for you.
1. Help to sell your Seek Business Capital Reviews home faster and
2. Get you a BIGGER profit. Now, how fun is that (crayon Importance Of Financial Management Slideshare and syrup fun? Probably not, probably more.)
We talked about how to price your property properly, looking at actives looking at solds. When you have an appreciating market you look at solds to determine the price. When you are in a depreciating market you look at actives to determine the price and you should be reviewing that price every two weeks.
If you are doing that then the next thing you should be looking at is staging the property. Staging is basically where you take furniture and you make the house feel like a home. You put pictures on the wall. You add furniture. You put some good smelly things around. You hang hand towels. You add soaps to the bathroom. You put different floral arrangements around the house. You do all kinds of things to make it feel like a home. When a buyer walks into a home they aren’t only looking for the number of bedrooms, does it have a study, how many bathrooms, etc. but they are looking for an emotional attachment. If the buyers can take the time to look inside the property then they are happy with the outside and they are happy with the neighborhood. If they do not like the neighborhood they are not going to go inside the house.
So, going back to the model homes on the new constructions; you would NEVER see one that was empty. In fact if I did I would probably turn around and walk out; or if I stayed I would completely pick it apart. I usually don’t notice how small a room may be or the odd shape of another when it is staged (if done properly) because the home feels like I could live there.
So, should you spend tens of thousand of dollars on staging? Oh my, NO! Your investment should be minimal. Mostly what you will be purchasing would be the towels, bedspread, pillowcases, candles, soaps. That’s about it. Everything else you should rent. Yep, that’s right, I said rent. You can go to a rent a center and choose furniture for the whole house, which would include lamps, sometimes floral arrangements, etc. They will not only deliver it to the house, but set it up for you, AND when the time comes and you have sold your house for that great profit, they will come and take the furniture away for you. You didn’t have to pay for movers or break your own back; and you didn’t have to store any big bulky items. The other thing you can do if you are renting from a rent to own is add price tags to all of the furniture and try to sell it with the house. Make a little bit of gravy on top of the sell of your property. Isn’t that a fantastic idea?

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