How To Prepare For Your Financial Wealth

Too busy working for money and no time to plan how to use it to keep a reserve for the future could just be like an iron rod tied to the end of the eagle’s feet; it will never go far in the air. Even when we have holidays, we spend all of it eating the money we have made through the year. Don’t get scared yet, I am not against a little ride on pleasure if you can afford it. After all, all work and no enjoyment make the purpose of the work, defeated.
It is absolutely true that most people actually have time to think about their future, but only for a moment. Some people think about it when it is too late to alter it, when they are now old and the futures stairs them on the face like a puppy looking for a piece of meal in hands of a little baby, but can’t get it.
The worst hit are those who have all the time to really brood over their future, they take it as a major course, this time around not in the classroom, but they write a self imposed examination. If you were the one what would you do when you have been told to leave your jobs all of a sudden and nowhere else to turn to, at least now you will finally have the time in the world to really think about your future.
In all, the worst thing that can ever happen to you this year is to allow the situation to give a major headache. We are in the information age, you cannot be stranded when it comes to what to do at any point in life or in any situation you find yourself.
The truth is that, it is always better if you can avoid this trap before the snow come in. hard times are better handle when they are yet to surface. You don’t need to prepare for hard times because a well plan future does not have to experience hard times even when others are in it and suffering, simply because the rules of life start kicking out the day you started out and only those who know this can avoid the pitfalls along the path.
All you need to do is to take stock of how your financial life went in 2012, take a look at the money you earn and how you spent it and from there be able to be able to chart a new course for 2013. It is that simple. Companies call it financial statement and projections. I am sure you must have heard of Government budget, it is similar, but cool on the edge, just throw out all the financial jargon. It is all about daily cash spending or expenditure, income or earnings as the case may be.
How did you use all the money you received in 2012? Forget about sober reflections, even if you squandered everything it does not matter, we are all guilty. Many out there are wearing the same the shoes, so we all know how it pinches.
I kind of like the snail for one thing, no matter how terrible the dry season was, once the rains starts, it just put itself together and start afresh that exactly what we going to do here.
Now putting down your spending of the past year will actually help you undergo some kind of financial exercise. Okay that may be too difficult because you may have spent without planning since the money was not always enough so you spent it as it comes or all you did was pay as you go spending. Survival was just as the next day came, never mind you can still make it right.
You can actually look at the things you generally spend money regularly on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is very important Earn Cents Online that you write everything down, nothing should be left out. You can summaries some spending into one title or heading.
As you put these expenditures down some questions will begin to crop up in your mind. Questions like: Did I really spend money on this or where this Project Finance Modelling Course I get all these money to spend? Am I so rich? What if I did not spend all this money what would have happened to me, would I have not survived?
What if I had lost my job or had a salary cut, would these spending not die out or would I have ended up borrowing to spend? Let say I decide to stop some of these spending right now, what would I be doing with the money saved.
Like a sprouting seed, the decision part of your life will begin to spring up, you may decide to take the bull by the horn and do something about your life right away, but hold on a bit just finish the writing exercise on how your money is being spent monthly.
After writing all these down as problems, the next thing to do is to write down all the possible solutions which may include getting an alternative source of income or cutting down on your daily expenditures to making for savings.

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