How to Handle Awkward Situations During a Seminar

Effective Seminar Marketing Tips – How to Handle Awkward Situations During a Seminar
I. Handling difficult questions: Encouraging audience participation is essential to a successful seminar. Many presenters are afraid to have time for open questions from the audience because they don’t want to be caught off guard.Inevitably, you will be asked a question that you are not able to answer. The best way to handle this situation is to admit you don’t know, and turn the question over to the audience. Here are two sample dialogue:
1. “That is a great question. I actually don’t have an answer for you at the moment. Maybe someone here knows the answer… The question was (repeat question)…” Note: It is always good to repeat the question for the audience whether you are answering the question yourself or turning it over to the audience. Also, the worst thing you can do is make up an answer and be wrong. You risk losing credibility and trust with your audience. Remember, you are human and are not expected to know everything when asked. Another way to handle this situation is.
2. “That is a great question. I don’t have an answer right now, but I would be happy to look into that and Investing Activity Meaning call you with an answer.” Make note of the question and be sure to follow up with an informed answer.
II. Late Attendees: In a perfect world, everyone would show up on time, ready to learn something new. More often than not, you will have people wandering in after the seminar has already started. An important tip to remember when handling late attendees is not to lose focus. Welcome the late guest and be sure they don’t feel ostracized for showing Financial Planning Tips India up late. Give them a handout and direct them to a seat. Be polite and courteous and don’t act offended or be rude by ignoring them. You don’t know the situation behind their tardiness and you may alienate your other guests if you show any disdain for being interrupted. Once the guest is situated, you can pick up right where you left off.
III. Rude guests/Guests speaking out of turn: If you have guests that are rude enough to be speaking when you are, the rule of thumb is that if you can hear them, so can the other guests. A good way to handle this awkward situation is to ask the guest, “I’m sorry, did you have a question for me?” This way, you are letting them know that you can hear them, and that unless they have a question for the group, their attention should be on you. If they continue to disrupt the seminar, you may need a sterner approach. Politely ask them to hold off on their conversation until after the seminar, “I am excited that you want to discuss what we are learning today, but out of respect for the other guests, please save that conversation for dinner.” Q&A sessions during the seminar will help alleviate their urge to talk out of turn or to start their own seminar at their table.
IV. Technical Difficulties: We live in a technological era and malfunctions are bound to happen. Be sure to always have extra batteries, extension cords, and power cords on hand. It is important to set up at least one hour in advance to run through your entire presentation and resolve any glitches. You can always rely on your natural speaking ability and a whiteboard if your electronic presentation fails.
V. Losing your place: Rehearsing your seminar and following the slide progression will help keep you on track. If you lose your place during the seminar remain calm, check your notes, and jump right back in. They have no idea what you were “supposed” to say anyway.

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