Financial Freedom At Your Fingertips

Hello to all Accion Start Up Loans my friends,
“My desire to inspire”
Keep your dreams alive and enjoy a secure financial future.
No one can take our dreams away from us. However, as time goes on we can see that our dreams for a better way of life diminishing. Being observant of all the negative happenings around us, can sometimes make us feel as though there are no answers. These situations are what I call “dream crushers, ” which is something we should not give into.
How would your life change if you had all the money you would ever need? What would your plans be? Maybe take a long luxurious vacation, or redecorate your home to your liking, or send your children to the best schools. Well, we all have dreams we would like to see come true. All it takes is to find the drive and desire to achieve a comfortable financial life for ourselves and those we care about and love. My friends, I have found a way which I will share with you in a moment.
Lets all take pause and realize what is going on in our country. We are facing grim conditions, job cutbacks, higher taxes, skyrocketing food prices. So many today just struggling to hold on to their homes, keeping the roof over their heads so that they don’t join the staggering statistics of foreclosure crisis.
These are problems we all must face. Years back when our paycheck was a little short and we needed more money we would be able to get a second job. Of course as we all know that is no longer the case, we’re lucky to have a job at all. My friends, observing whats going on in the skimpy job market, we must acknowledge the fact that our current job may very well not be there tomorrow. We should put forth the effort it takes to wake up the American dream for a better financial life.
Let’s all take action now, before the hammer drops, leaving us with a sick memory of a job we once had. How much better off we would be if we took the time to build a strong desire to achieve our goal. These surprising attacks of losing our livelihood when we least expect; it is not something we want to experience.
Changes occurring daily is evident to all of us, our dollar losing value, many people losing their home and jobs, not a very good picture. I had recently taken my granddaughter shopping for Government Loans To Start Business school clothes. I could not believe the prices, when we checked out the total was spine chilling. To think of families with multiple children to feed and cloth, how difficult that must be.
Recently I volunteered to help out in a soup kitchen realizing the heart wrenching condition most of these families are enduring forced me to think long and hard. How does this misfortune happen? What took place in their lives that caused such poverty? 13% to 17% of Americans are currently living at the poverty level in the United States. children going without proper clothing and many times food. Let’s not forget we are living in the greatest country in the world. In my opinion these horror stories should never happen.
I came to the conclusion that I must wake up the silent genie in me and put together a plan to bring me to the financial freedom I so desire. My search began a few months ago when I decided to surf the internet for a business I could run from my home. I thank my lucky stars I fortunately found a well established company which I joined.

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