Do You Know Where You Want to Be?

We know the importance of having a financial map. We also know that getting the map together requires asking the three big questions. After looking at where we are now, we should consider the next question: Where do we want to be?
Be free
Once we have a clear picture about where we are now, we want to figure out where we want to be. This is the fun part. We can be totally free and creative here. This is no-holds barred.
We should let our dreams loose and really think about the things that we want out of life. Often times, we find ourselves just floating through life day by day, not really thinking too far into the future. However, the old saying is true: out of sight, out of mind. If we don’t see what we want to accomplish in life, it is easy to forget about it.
There are lots of things to consider when doing this exercise. If we have families and spouses, we should make sure that everyone is included in the dreaming and planning process. Everyone should be in agreement so that there is full cooperation in reaching the family goals.
Baby steps
We also need to set goals based upon our present financial situation. While we can, and should, dream big, we want to make sure that we start with baby steps. We should gradually increase the size of our goals until they can become a reality.
Setting smaller goals along the way also allows for mini-victories. If we are continually accomplishing smaller goals, we become more motivated to move on to the next level.
For example, a single, full-time college student renting an apartment cannot expect to purchase a home to immediately replace the apartment while living on a part-time income. However, with proper planning and the right perspective, that student can start saving money and putting other strategies in place that will make home ownership a reality in the very near future.
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In deciding where we want to be, we should consider the things that matter the most in our lives, whether that is family, financial freedom, a stress-free “retirement,” or being able to help others.
Create a list of top goals. Husbands and wives should discuss their goals together so that they are on one accord. This list is extremely important in making sure that things happen. Writing our goals out forces us to think about them and to figure out how they might actually fit into our lives. We have a chance to dream, to visualize what we want to accomplish. By seeing ourselves at that point in our lives, we get a little bit more motivated to turn those goals into realities.
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Remember that we need to eliminate the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” We should have our lists in places where we have to see them every day – whether that is on our bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator door. If we don’t write our goals down and keep them where we can see them, then we may not find ourselves continually motivated to accomplish them.
Lastly, we should always include specific deadline dates on our goals. This helps us hold ourselves accountable to each of the goals we set. Without a date, we can continue to procrastinate about when we should reach the goal. If there is a definite end point, then we work hard every day toward making that goal happen.
Happy planning. Remember to dream big!

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