Banking On Past Presidents and Famous Leaders for Financial Freedom

If it were possible to clone 10 Woodrow Wilsons, 100 Salmon Chases, 200 James Madisons and five George Washingtons, what would you wind up with? Well, if you paid attention to the title of this, you would have guessed right by answering $3,000,005. So now that you have successfully cloned them, what will you do with all these presidents? Right. You would put them to work cloning themselves for continued growth.
Now, back to reality. We are not capable of cloning humans and then magically turning them into money. This is wishful thinking or dare I say, wasteful thinking. Yet this is what I see all around me day in and day out; “get rich quick schemes,” from those looking to make a quick buck doing wasteful things Can Financial Planners Help With Debt and expecting to become millionaires overnight. But, all of us are very capable of cloning the paper each of these past presidents appears on if we are presented with the right tools, have the right attitude and perform the correct behaviors, allowing us to put past presidents and leaders to work for us.
The main responsibility of a great leader is to help others to become successful. With great leadership comes great responsibility. Great leaders are required to pass on their knowledge and skills to whomever they come in contact, personally as well as professionally. So with this being said, it is my duty to share with you knowledge that will change your life forever. Without a doubt, it has changed mine.
My wife and I just completed an on-line video course called, “Core Financial Wellness,” hosted by founder of “Financial Peace University,” Mr. Dave Ramsey. He is also New York Times best-selling author of “The Total Money Makeover.” I mention my wife because attending this course requires complete dedication of everyone involved in a relationship when it comes to financial matters, and I mean all financial matters. Attending Financial Peace University transformed me completely; so much so, I have dedicated myself to sharing full responsibility about financial matters with my wife. For 19 years, I selfishly allowed my wife to handle all financial matters. She always did a great job by keeping a budget, paying our debts on time while ensuring we could enjoy some of the “wants” in our lives. As long as she was taking care of things, (and giving in to some of my desires,) I felt no need to get involved. After attending Financial Peace University, my attitude, and more importantly, my behavior, changed dramatically.
The most important concept Dave teaches is that financial matters need to be reviewed, discussed and decided together if you want financial freedom. And Credit Card Company Costs if you are single, find yourself a financial accountability partner, someone who will be tough on you to help you make the right decisions financially.
Dave teaches what he calls, “Baby Steps” to financial freedom and often quotes his famous saying in his training, “Live like no one else so you can live like no one else”. To see what I am talking about, visit . If you are not ready to attend Financial Peace University, at least spend a little money and time to get just a taste of the program by purchasing his book, “The Money Answer Book.” Everything in this book is a short version of the on-line program. Dave states in the beginning, “Personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent head knowledge.” He’s right. I had to change my behaviors in the way I used my finances. Since completing the program, my wife and I have set up a working budget together. We sit down weekly to review and update our budget; and once a month we spend more time creating a new budget for the upcoming month. I was skeptical at first, but I am happy to announce that we are now on our way to financial freedom.
If you want to “live like no one else so you can live like no one else,” then start right now to change your behavior managing your finances. Then, teach others to become financially successful as well.
Dave has a special module called, “The Power of Giving,” where he talks about clenching your fist around your money and to experience the power of giving by opening your hand to others. With his concept and with this article, I am practicing the power of giving by informing you of the knowledge I gained and the successes from my knowledge and “GIVING” it to you to change your life forever.
Now go “Live like no one else so you can live like no one else,” and put the past presidents and leaders to work for you today.

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