Baby Boomers Is the Retirement Train Your Next Stop?

Are You a Baby Boomer? If so,how many times a day do you ask yourself, “How in the ##!! did I get to be so old.”
Mentally, I still feel like I did in my thirties but when I look in the mirror, I see this person with a sagging chin, crow’s feet and an undefined waistline. In my mind, I am ready to campaign for whatever cause I currently believe important, but then I remember that if I don’t get moving, I’ll be late for work.
Recently, I’ve started to think that after 30 years of working, maybe it’s time to rethink how I spend my days. I no longer get excited about going to work and impressing the boss, or giving an awesome presentation, or helping solve another “crisis” before going home at night. Maybe it’s time what? I’ve done this job so long that I’m not sure what else I can do.
Retirement Or….?
Has this happened to you lately? If not, you’re probably not ready to think about retirement or starting a new “career.” I’ve been thinking about doing something different for the last several years, and then, common sense sets in and I think about how much money is going out and what would happen if there was nothing coming in. So, I prod along and dream of “freedom.”
Well, it’s time for a CHANGE! Boomers are known for their action-oriented nature and it’s time to take action. So, I’ve decided to do something about it and the solution is?…. I don’t know. But, I’ll figure it out. I’m a “Boomer!” I have tons of energy going to waste and I remember one of my favorite crusaders saying: “A mind is a beautiful thing to waste.” So, I’m not wasting anymore and I pledge to start thinking about retirement possibilities. Sound familiar?
As a Baby Boomer, it seems impossible that retirement is fast approaching. But, the “impossible” has become reality. As we Boomers move into our mid-fifties and sixties, the specter of retirement is here. So, it’s time to think about what retirement actually means. For many of us,, as long as retirement is not presenting itself directly in front of us, we think of retirement as a period of joy and freedom. The concept of leaving behind the redundancies Business Loan Definition Wikipedia of a work routine is something similar to Christmas vacation: joy and celebration. But now, we’re not so sure. Our images of a life of sleeping late, golfing whenever we wish, shopping, taking up two or three hobbies and living a life of leisure is certainly an idyllic vision until we think of one word: BOREDOM. Baby Boomers get things done and lead the pack. What happens when the pack is no longer present? Will we bored out of our minds?
FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN Small Business Startup Loan Rates OR REALITY
Now, as this Baby Boomer thinks about retirement, I start to picture uncertainty and a fear of future. What will happen if we (or anyone approaching retirement) are not both financially and mentally prepared for a very different lifestyle? Do we really want to do this? What is more important:: freedom or money? Well, it’s hard to be free if you are tied to an empty pocketbook. It’s time for a little boomer logic. The idea of having to retire simply because we have reached “retirement age” seems to be harsh and unpleasant. Time to get some traction and debunk myths and defy conventional wisdom. We “Boomers” are and will continue to define each era of our lives in our own terms.
What more would you expect from a Baby Boomer (aka, Better Boomer)? We will create our own paths to success. We are a generation that did not have the benefit of employers who were loyal to employees and kept the same staff from college through their retirement party and from whom they could expect a hefty retirement package. We will decide what is best for us; we will not let others decide for us. So, if we are “encouraged” to retire from our current position, we will find “another” position. If we decide to retire, it will be our choice. If we decide to combine retirement and another career or position, it will still be our choice. We are realizing that financial security is not what makes life worthwhile. Yes, it helps but it is not the “end all” solution. And, as we “Boomers” see Retirement coming into our next train stop, we will decide if we board the train. We know that retirement “age” is just that: an age. It is not the end of a productive life. And, we know that the image of living a life of leisure, never working and letting others take care of us is not for us. It is also not a healthy approach to retirement any more than it would be at any other phase of life. Baby Boomers, like all human beings, are at their best when they are useful, creative, productive and pursuing a dream. Research and real life has proven time and time again that when a person is no longer a part of something larger than themselves and see themselves as productive, the will to live rapidly declines, with the inevitable result of an end of life that is earlier than it has to be.
So, financial demands are now a reality as we realize that retirement is not an option. Most of us will work into our retirement years and this may actually turn out to be a hidden blessing. We will live longer, be healthier and stay more active and fit because we just “have to” in order to pull in required incomes. Do you agree? It seems to me that retirement “age” is now moving from age 65 to 75. We will still get to “retire” before our time on earth expires because we are living longer. In the meantime, we will have the added benefits of longevity, productivity and knowing that we “did it the Boomer way”. Many Baby Boomers, like me, will decide to try to have the best of both worlds: retirement and a second career. What else would you expect from a Boomer? We have always been achievement focused with forward thinking problem-solving ideas. We are simply being “who” and “what” we are: “Better” Baby Boomers, determined to make a difference in the world and ourselves!

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