Are You Ready to Get the Cheapest Home Loan You Can? Test Yourself and Find Out

If you are looking for the cheapest home loan around, you might want to take this quiz and make sure that you are informed enough to even be getting Make Money Online Surveys this kind of loan. However, if you are not, once you take this quiz, you will be given the answers, which will prepare yourself for what is to come.
I have owned my home for:
a) 6 months
b) Just bought it, haven’t even moved in
c) 2 Years
The correct answer would be C, 2 years. As the longer you own your home, the more you can borrow against the equity, and the more likely you will be approved. If you have just moved in, or have owned it for less than a year, then you will most likely be refused.
What are my reasons for getting the loan?
a) I need to do some repairs around the place
b) My mother is sick, and we need to pay the doctors
c) I just want to have some fun.
This was a trick question, all of these are viable answers. Any loan you get from your equity, is yours to do with what you will. If you want to pay some new toys, then do it, if you want to pay off some medical bills, or some other kind, then do that too. There is no limit to what you can do with the money you will get.
Can I afford to get this loan?
a) I own the home Financial Coach Business don’t I?
b) I am getting food from the food bank
c) I am aware of the possible loan fees involved.
This is a little bit of a tricky questions, however, the best one was “C”. It is always wise to know how any closing fees there might be involved in such a loan. And there sometimes is, and most usually are fees. If you can not afford the out of pocket expense, you might be able to get the bank to take it out of your loan. However, sometimes this can not happen, and you might need find another source. However, it is always wise to be prepared.
Now that you have taken the quiz on if you are ready for the cheapest home loan around, you will be able to gauge your knowledge of the next series of events in the loan process. If you did well, then you have nothing to worry about. If you did poorly, then go and take it again, there is nothing wrong with having all the facts.

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